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Our dating club is a great place to start socialising and hanging out with Moscow single women. If you’d like us to publish you personal ad online, please, send us a short resume about yourself and a couple of photos to [email protected] up your life by meeting the like-minded people!

Join now our Speed Dating Club or visit the upcoming Speed Dating and kick start your adventure in style with hundreds of Russian women wanting to meet up with the right people.

Would you like to have a month's worth of dates in one night?

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The rules may vary by event, but the general idea is that men and women sign up for the event, held in a bar or a club, the men move down the line of women (or from table and table), and you have a limited amount of time (say 1, 3, or 5 minutes) to figure out if the person is worth getting to know better before time runs out and it's time to switch.

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Feature person know what will get crowd in online dating and meeting you in real life, there.

Speed Dating is an event for single people to meet face-to-face with like-minded people, to spark conversations with and possible romance.

If you’re looking for that special someone or just fancy a fun night out meeting new people, speed dating is what you’ve been looking for!

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