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She slid her sunglasses down her nose (Don’t ask me why she still had them on; I told you, she’s Dauntless.), peered over them made direct eye contact with him, and said, What happened next? He said, Traffickers, like any other criminal, go after the path of least resistance. It is not a respecter of persons and could target anyone from any walk of life. A powerful voice for hope, international speaker Susan Norris helps teens and women find freedom from strongholds in the areas of purity and spiritual identity.

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Rick and Pat Freeland have opened up their home as a safe house for victims of sex trafficking from all over the country.She’s smart, street savvy, and very little gets by her.A couple of days ago, , she took one of the ladies to an appointment.They have given safe haven to five teenagers over the past three years, with the condition that the trafficking victim chooses to stay of his or her own volition.Stephanie Anderson, a friend of the Freelands and a victim of sex trafficking as a teenager, stands in one of the Freelands’ bedrooms that they provide for victims at their safe house.

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