Irani cam

17 new Associates passed their Advanced Test, of which 5 attained F1rsts - a 29% rate against the regional average of 19% (we also had an existing member refresh his skills with a re-test and achieve a F1rst).

The average time from enrolment to test was 287 days, compared to the regional average of 532 days.

It pays to join CCAM for the best chance of enhancing your riding skills!

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We have learnt that the camera was installed four months ago and has recorded many other women clients,” he added.

“From the level of stomach till above, everything was getting recorded… Somebody has been watching the recording,” Lobo told PTI.

The Gupshill have released their Festive Fayre menu and I (Graham) will be putting the call out separately so that you can all focus on the event without distractions...!

I rushed to the outlet and learnt that the store manager was on leave. We combed around two-three minutes of the footage and saw what happened inside the trial room when Irani visited it. This is against the dignity of a woman, therefore I immediately lodged a complaint with the local police,” Lobo told The Indian Express.On checking the footage, it was found that the the minister had been filmed in the changing room.Her husband then informed Calangute BJP MLA Michael Lobo. There are people who take videos of you like this when your body is exposed and then try to defame you," Smriti Irani is reported to have said to MLA Lobo and the police.Firstpost had earlier reported that the four employees of the Fabindia store in the upscale beach village of Candolim - Karim Lakhani, Prashant Naik, Raju Panche and Paresh Bhagat - were arrested by the Crime Branch late on Friday, several hours after Irani claimed to have spotted a CCTV camera outside the trial room."There could be a larger conspiracy involving the managers.But we do suspect that this could be a mischief of the staff," BJP MLA Michael Lobo said, in this NDTV report.

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