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Momenteel onze complete Lente TRIO-ACTIE; 2 meisjes naar eigen keuze,voor 30,45 of 90min,samen…Nely Bulgaarse passie,sensatie tussen de lakens verzekerd.He identifies himself as a liberal Muslim, someone who practices his religion sparingly. So most people at my workplace know about my sexual orientation.Generally, outside the office I do not portray myself as gay, or at least try to not do so.While life as a gay young person growing up during the 1980s certainly was rough, I know that many people had it much worse. As I contemplated living in Malaysia, I had to ask the question While the Malaysian culture is diverse and split among three major ethnic groups (Malay, Tamil, and Chinese), the majority are Muslim. In large, metropolitan KL, it feels less conservative. Though they have an inkling about me because I am 33 and have no girlfriend.As I pondered my personal question, I broadened my query out to perhaps an even more important one—What is life like for Muslim gay people? They know I am close to a lot of guy friends through the years. In my 20s, my family did ask whether I had a girlfriend or was interested in marriage and such, but nowadays my mother and father do not touch on the topic anymore.

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