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'Where its people online saying that I am a liar and that I am doing this for attention or its somebody I just met and they can't handle the face that I am gay. Sometimes I will use the word lesbian,' she explains.'That is what is true for me right now as I sit here and speak to you, and it is really f*****g scary to talk about this because there's so many people who will judge this and that is terrifying.''Maybe a year from now I will be sitting here saying I prefer to identify as queer,' she says. And the primary ingredient in that chemical brew is dopamine, a neurotransmitter best known for its ability to initiate muscle movement (and thus a key factor in diseases in which that ability is lost, such as Parkinson's).

'It sucks.'Ingrid notes that women are already treated like sexual objects not matter what their sexual identity, however, she admits that she has had some scary moments 'when there is a heterosexual man who cannot wrap his head around the face that you are gay and not interested in him'.We may even gaze on our partners with some dissatisfaction, measuring them against that lost intensity.But the gleam of infatuation—if current theory is right—may be largely the product of unexpectedly potent brain chemistry.THE PLEASURES AND PAINS Of LOVE have dominated Turkish poetry for a millennium and a half.The earliest Turkish poet (Aprin Çor Tigin, sixth century A.

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