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"In light of new developments disputing that Chief Keef is the father of Baby Sno, the streaming TV and music platform Film is retracting the right to let the mother, Laura Woods, use the middle name Film On Dot Com, until the paternity is settled. Woods all the best," said David's latest statement.Update: 12/1/2015 Film On founder, Alki David recently updated us on Chief Keef's recent contract suspension for going on an unapproved tour.In the United States, Travis Scott gets mixed up with A$AP Rocky. [Watch Travis Scott attack a fan who called him A$AP Rocky.] In South Africa, they confuse him with Chief Keef.We’re not seeing that one as much, but these enthusiastic kids in Johannesburg certainly did. Especially considering he’s known to go off when he gets confused with Rocky."His [BMW] i8 is under lock and key and being aired out still from all the weed. I was about to buy him a f****** house when Peedapan (his manager) and those fools pulled that s***.Billionaire, Alki David exclusively tells DJ Vlad that Chicago drill rapper, Chief Keef's contract with Film On TV has been "suspended." Back in April, the 20-year-old announced his deal with the Film On founder through a post on his Instagram page.

Clear TV Key Antenna is from Clear TV (see our review here) sold by Tristar Products and boasts that their HD antenna will give you totally free television instantly without any wires or cables.

CHICAGO — Chief Keef is known for many things in the city of Chicago.

He’s a rapper with a rap sheet from Englewood who rose to fame for releasing music that most parents would consider too explicit for young ears.

Celebrities typically veer toward the strange when it comes to naming their children, and it seems rapper Chief Keef isn't about to break the trend.

According to Alki David, the billionaire behind Keef's label Film, the rapper and his "newest baby mother" will name their son, Sno Film On Dot Com Cozart.

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