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Sid and Lee (who is widely considered to be Sid's understudy) are ranked No. Business Dealings Chuck's father owned the New York Palace Hotel, and this season, Chuck purchased the Empire Hotel by cashing out his share in Bass Industries.334, with an estimated net worth of billion, while Edward is No. TKTKTKTKTKTKPersona In the first two seasons, Chuck was portrayed as a bad-boy Casanova. He was spurred to buy the hotel when he couldn't close a deal to open a nightclub.In fact, we’re currently watching Gossip Girl from start to finish for about the 27th time, leaving our laptop running over night so we can fall asleep to the endearing sneer of Ed's voice, as he somehow manages to make every girl in New York weak at the knees with a simple, "I'm Chuck Bass." It's not weird, OK.(We're also VERY excited for his latest TV endeavour, where he joins forces with two of the Inbetweeners lads to sell double glazing. She married Roman's father Ididia Serfaty after falling pregnant aged 17 (he was 22 at the time), but the pair since split and are now divorced.") See Jessica Szohr and other stars' surprising styles!The actress says she couldn't imagine appearing on the show without her costars.because did you know he once dated Vanessa – yes, of Gossip Girl, poor-girl Brooklyn fame – for almost the entire filming run of the show?)This new girlfriend’s name is Jessica Michél Serfaty and her Instagram bio says something along the lines of: “I prefer French toast because regular toast is uneducated and hates democracy.”I like it.

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But on the living, breathing Upper East Side, the Bass surname has an actual association: power couple Sid and Mercedes Bass. TKTKTKTKTKTKThe Bass dynasty's roots date back to Sid Williams Richardson, a self-made Texas oilman and rancher who was born in 1891. But it’s one of those great, fun things about making a television series — it’s an evolving, living, breathing thing, and things can easily change on a whim.” Once the palpable chemistry between acting geniuses Leighton Meester (Blair) and Ed Westwick (Chuck) was seen, the writers created the romance. continues to explore the making of a mogul as Chuck Bass, heir to his late father Bart's fortune, attempts to live up to the family name.This season, he's started to drop his slick exterior, revealing a softer side. (In the book series, Chuck lives at the Plaza hotel.)The Bass brothers are known for making major investments in publicly traded and private companies, with a portfolio comprising oil, tech, biotech, media, and real-estate investments., we thought we'd take this opportunity to check in with the show's stars.

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