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Maybe just a bit in the '80s, where we had to wonder where our artistic integrity had gone, but we're old-fashioned rebels." because I was busy falling in love and not totally on deck with all of the decision-making and songwriting.

When you're falling in love, you're so distracted." Ann apparently fell in love as they were heading into , another reason Nancy took the lead there.

She has been named as "Sweet Nancy," "The Baby," "Fancy Miss Nancy" and "The Girl With the Honey-Coated Voice" during her career.

Her music and songs are of jazz, capitol, soul and blue genres.

With Howard Leese now assuming lead guitar duties—and a co-production credit, along with long-time collaborator Mike Flicker, the Wilsons and Sue Ennis—the LP sounds more tenacious and lively; songs touch on heavy blues (“Down on Me”), nervy proto-punk (“Break”) and funky boogie (the Stonesy “Even It Up,” which featured sizzling Tower of Power horns).

The Wilson sisters also exude confidence as musicians — from the epic, Led Zeppelin-esque flourishes of a glam-kissed “Rockin’ Heaven Down” to Nancy’s piano strut “Raised on You” — and lyricists.

Nancy Wilson is an American Singer who performed in more than five genres.

She was born on February 20, 1937, in Chillicothe, Ohio, the United States as the youngest daughter of the Wilson family.

"Making records for ourself" is where the sisters are these days, says Nancy Wilson."It always seemed as if we were catering to something.Then again, Ann and I have always been rebellious, never looking to follow any beaten path.The Ann-penned “Break” is even a not-so-subtle allusion to the end of her relationship with Michael Fisher: “, “Maybe it was our gallows humor, but we released ‘Bebe Le Strange’ on Valentine’s Day, 1980.” The album reached No.5 on the Billboard albums chart and was eventually certified gold.

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